Thursday, February 11, 2016

25 Things About Jay

 1) He graduated with a degree in "Journalism - Public Relations" and has successfully made a career for himself in that field. In fact, that is what eventually brought us to San Francisco last summer.

2) He loves airports and the whole flying process. All of the normal stresses that come with airfare do not phase him at all. He loves the ticket counter, the security checkpoints and everything leading up to those cloudy, dreamy views. Not surprisingly, his career has had him flying all over the world quite a bit.

3) His mom is a music teacher which means that he can pick-up and play many instruments. He plays the guitar mainly but is adept at others including the piano and the trombone. True story: He even got an official trombone scholarship from/to the University of Oregon. However, he declined it because he didn't want to commit the time that goes into a collegiate band.

4) He is a sun lover and adores a vacation where he can put his feet in the sand and a book in his hand.
5) He is an excellent cook and can make gourmet meals from scratch with ease. Even so, he's always really encouraging and kind to me as I attempt to get on his level with my own creations (which I can never do).

6) He reads his Kindle every single night before bed and plows through multiple books a month. 

7) He loves Oregon ales. But when they aren't on tap, his go-to drink order is a Laguintas IPA.

8) He loves, loves, loves Mexican and Asian food (with Mexican food winning by a hair on account of street tacos). However, his absolute favorite food is rice (no matter what part of the country the spices in it come from). He generally eats the entire pot thus eliminating my ability to ever food prep rice for the week. Seriously. 

9) He's a saver. He doesn't spend money on "stuff" for the most part. When he does spend, it's to eat well or to take a cool trip

10) He's a runner and runs about 25-40 miles a week (usually with Chandler keeping pace at his feet). When he's on a really good run and gliding over amazing scenery simultaneously, he gets teary-eyed.
^Running a Portland race in April 2013

11) He goes to bed early on the weeknights and has a complete opposite sleep schedule than me. This has been an adjustment for us both.

12) Growing up, Tara Reid was his #1 dream girl. Lol for days but she was pretty dang cute in the 00's.

13) He doesn't like dessert and hates waiting for people to order, receive and eat it when he's out at a restaurant, stuffed from dinner and ready to go.

14) He likes watching skyscrapers being built, it fascinates him - especially when there's a crane involved. He will generally pull over to the side of the sidewalk to take it all in for a moment.

15)  It's hard for him to find anything he loves to do more than kicking it with his buddies. It's how he would spend all his days if he could. 
^In Cabo with his best bud, Jordan.

16) He's fascinated by aviation and would love to find a way to merge that into his career at some point in time. If you look at the title image for this post, his cufflinks are planes. 

17) He doesn't like to gossip and rarely relays information to me. He just doesn't care about things like that.

18) Both his mom and dad are his heroes in their own way. Mainly due to the kind, engaging lens they use to view the world. An obvious example is that he cooks just like his dad and he loves to play music while the sun sets just like his mom.

19) He has always been a cat person but really, really, really loves owning our dog (and looks forward to our eventual cat).
^Cannon Beach with Chandler

20) He has wanted to live in California forever (especially San Francisco). This made it quite difficult when I tried to continually tell him just how nice it would be to live in Chicago snow.

21) He comes from a Brady Bunch type of family and is pretty close with all involved. He's especially close with his brother, Logan, and his Step-Brother, Kevin.

22) His hometown, Ashland, has had a huge impact on who he is today. I think it is largely responsible for his love of experiences, wine, kindness, big skies, music and family.
^Us in his hometown on his Mom's property

23) He hatessss melted cheese. The only thing he hates more is listening to everyone go "WHAT! HOW DO YOU HATE MELTED CHEESE!?" immediately after he admits that.

24) In college, he worked at the Student Rec Center at U of O and had himself a great old time getting paid to say hi to everyone he knew, eat sandwiches and work out. Though he is still very prideful about the fact that he was still a student and promoted to manager.

25) He's of Irish & German descent and still thinks Irish Bands are some of the best things in the music scene.

And that's a little about Jay! :)
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Week Of Work Clothes

About a month ago, I thought to myself that I'd snap ONE quicky outfit pic every day for an entire work week and see if I took anything away from how I dress at the office ... which, I did.
1) I like how my body language even acts out a very depressing 'Monday'. 2) I need more accessories. 3) I wear pants more than I realized. 4) I cannot smile in mirror pictures which is why I always look miserable. But apparently I was happy about something on Tuesday. 5) I dig my casual Friday hair. 6) Oopsie on wearing the same sweater twice in a week. Totally didn't even notice that when it occurred which translates into: How the h*ll often am I doing this? But as you can tell from MWF, I love me some long sweaters at the office. 7) Time for more full skirts & blouses.

In other news, man- I am STILL so, so, so tired! Super Bowl weekend did me in good and while it'll be pretty slow around here for the next couple days as I catch up on work, I am super pumped to tell you all about it next week

What's your go-to work apparel?
^For real: I wanna know! I need ideas.
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Friday, February 5, 2016


One of my husband's most frequent comments is that I wear little color in the winter. I'm always in the bedroom getting dressed while he sits on the couch and waits for me to eventually emerge in yet another monochrome outfit much to his dismay. I believe Jay's fondness for bright outfits and colors can be traced right back to this jovial personality. He likes things light, airy and with a hint of happiness. He just doesn't get why so much dark. Not that he needs to, I like my clothes and he's actually very correct that I do gravitate more towards dark in the winter. But it's just a few months of the year and I think he'll be just fine with a little black. But the problem is that the repetition in which he pesters me about it results in me just auto-piloting my defensive responses. "You only wear black." "That's not true." "Yes it is." "No, you just never notice when I'm in color." "When was the last time you wore color?" "Probably last weekend? I don't know."
^Sorry for poor quality, it's just an iPhone pic

But I guess I lost my entire argument last weekend when we were walking through the Marina and somehow got on the conversation of "Game of Thrones". It was then and there that we determined just who I looked like. 
And we couldn't stop laughing. And I realized that, while I can still enjoy and revel in my seasonal dark-clothes fondness ... I do, in fact, need to at least own that yes, I, Caitlin, dress like Jon Snow in the winter.

Happy Weekend!
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's New With You | Link-Up

Well, today is a special day because I'm doing a link-up. Oh hayyyl yes. I haven't done one of these in a long, long time (2009?). I usually feel too scatter-brained to contribute but this one was so easy, just called: "What's New With You?". So clearly Kristen & Gretchen were girls after my own heart when they came up with that simple question. So here's a few things that are very new with me as of this week:

What's New With Me: 
Upcoming bachelorette party in Vegas
^My 2014 Vegas Bachelorette
After a sh*t ton of emails back and forth, we've finally nailed down a date for Tracy's bachelorette party in July [she asked me to be her bridesmaid in this post]. Now, I would be excited to go to Vegas with all my girlfriends at any given time. But due to the fact that we have all dispersed now to different states, countries and life stages: This trip is gonna rock my socks off. I'm simultaneously counting down the days while remaining steadily grateful for them. Like I mentioned here, we're on the lose weight train so I need this time to get svelte (or like semi-svelte...) before I'm in 180 degree weather. So yes, I'm elated but also beyond grateful for the waiting period.

What's New With Me: 
Super Bowl in my city + my team playing + my family visiting
In case you guys didn't realize, the Super Bowl is in the Bay Area this year. And by some magical stroke of luck, the Denver Broncos are in it. My Dad is from Denver and I've been raised to root for them my entire life and always have. So this weekend is gonna be baller, especially because my family is coming down. I can't wait! I already work right in the thick of Super Bowl city in downtown San Francisco and it's really exciting. I would go on and on about it but I'll reserve that for next week after it's all happened.

What's New With Me: 
Cleaning the house + purging the excess
Dudes, this is a post all in itself coming but I've picked up THIS BOOK that everyone has been talking about and I've been getting rid of things left and right. Right now we have a huge line of bagged things for charity that we're dropping off tonight and it feels so good.

What's New With Me: 
Golden Gate Bridge race comin' on up
^GG Bridge at Sunrise in October, taken by me.
Jay and I have enlisted in a 10K/10M race over the GG Bridge (guess who is running which distance, ha!). Super pumped for it as those race days tend to be really fun. Not to mention the sheer fear of hating my life during those miles makes me stay focused on exercise in the same way shooting at someone's feet makes them "dance". At least I know I'll get a break over the actual bridge because ain't no way in hayyyl that I won't stop to take a picture there.

Thanks for the awesome link-up Kristen & Gretchen.
What's New With You

So... what's one thing new with YOU?
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Going To Make Flannel Happen

Of all the reasons to get dressed, I think I'm the worst at casual wear. What I like to don to be out in the world is a bit more done-up than a lot of people like on themselves. I just always like looking more ... I don't know the word, "dressed-up in dark goth clothes" (an example of my casual look here)? And when I'm being casssssuallll in my sense of the word, I'm usually in workout pants and a hoodie for my Sunday errands. I've got no issues dressing properly for work and have an array of garments for that. But just your run-of-the-mill, casual look is the one I find most difficult to piece together. I'm not usually a sneakers and jeans type of gal.
Yellow, Flannel, Portland, Girl, Brunette
Yellow, Flannel, Portland, Girl, Brunette
^Images from Portland last summer

I've been purging my closet and house all week of unwanted items and I've been doing a pretty good job of being realistic with myself about what I will actually wear again and what I will not. And while a lot of the bags destined for charity are full of casual wear I didn't pull off, I'm keeping this yellow flannel top. Because gosh darn-it, I like it a lot. Even if I've only worn it twice in two years due to my struggle with casual clothes. I'm gonna find a way to rock it out in San Francisco, mark my words (and don't say I don't have goals).

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

$#!% I Always Have At My Desk

There's a lot of theories and thoughts about how it "takes a village to raise a child". And while I hate to diminish such a beautiful, poignant and true sentiment ... I kinda want to be like "... you know what takes a bigger village? Getting me through work weeks." Because THAT my friends, takes some serious effort on the part of my forever and ever, office essentials that are able to make the concrete jungles we call home all week, a little bit more manageable:

$#!% I Always Have At My Desk
  • L'oréal Volumnious Mascara - Fave lash buddy ever.
  • My Medicine Squad: Advil, Tampons, Midol (crafted by angels) & Dayquil - Covers a whole lot of bases in one swoop [Not pictured but also important: Deodorant].
  • Extra set of earring studs - Great for a pinch happy hour or meeting. And with the low cost of a pair of decoy earrings, no excuse to not have some ready to go on a day where you were a bit blah'er that morning.
  • Sunglasses - Duh.
  • An Umbrella - People always say Portlanders don't carry Umbrellas and to that I say BS. Especially as a working girl, one is necessary during those long city blocks.
  • Lipstick - Because there's no better 20-second facelift before a meeting.
  • Extra Pantyhose - Perhaps the most important item I have at my desk. They have been the glorious understudy to many dismal headliners on more than one occasion.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste - So fresh and so clean, clean.
  • Pashmina - Scarves can seriously hide a multitude of sins. From a faulty button to a spill to a wrinkle: They are the Swiss Army Knife of accessories.
  • Tea - What would I do at work without tea? I drink it all day long. All day long. It's nice to have something warm to sip, it's always so refreshing and helps keep the snacking at a minimum.
  • A piece of fruit - Though mine generally is not bright pink, I always have a piece of fruit on hand for a quick bite and bit of sugar.
  • Hand Sanitizer - Cold season. Enough said.
  • Comb, Dry Shampoo & Bobby Pins - Again, because it's easy to forget that a client is coming in to the office in 15 minutes on day 3 of your hair.
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder- Bless this product.
  • iPhone + Charger - Zone out music and videos all day, err' day.
  • Black Eyeliner - Quick little bit of pop.
  • Heels AND Sneakers - If you are a city commuter like me, do not wreck your heels!!! I always have both sets of shoes with me. One for the trek to and from and one for when I'm working.
  • Clear Nail Polish - The Plan A before you bust open your emergency second pair of pantyhose.
  • Headphones - Nothing says "Don't bother me, I'm working" like a big, ol' set of them. And nothing helps you get your work done quicker either.

What $#!% do you need to get through the work day?
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Strawberry Fields Cocktail \\\\ Make The Tipsy Pig's Signature Drink at Home

Make their famed cocktail right at home!
^All images taken by me at The Tipsy Pig the weekend before last. Love that beautiful Strawberry Fields drink.

Though I love me some good wine, I'm not much into hard alcohol and rarely drink the stuff. However, while at The Tipsy Pig (again & again) last weekend and not feelin' the wine vibe, I had to find something new to try. While debating, I took note of what everyone else around me was holding to swill on and figured I should get on board. So I ordered what I now know is The Tipsy Pig's signature drink: Strawberry Fields. Guys, it was so dang good and refreshing that I had to recreate it at home after discussing the ingredients with the bartender. So here's a recreation recipe breakdown for you of this light, refreshing, spirited cocktail. I hope you'll give it a shot! Pun intended.

The Tipsy Pig | Strawberry Fields Cocktail

1 Vodka Shot
1/4 Cup Strawberry Purée
Simple Syrup (1 TBSP Water + 1 TBSP Sugar)
1/2 a Lime
Seltzer Water

Put Vodka in a drinking glass (if doing it authentically, use a Mason Jar!)
Dump Strawberry Purée in after
Add the Ice
Fill rest of the glass with Seltzer Water
Add Simple Syrup 
[ to make Simple Syrup- boil 1 part Water and then add 1 part Sugar. Mix until sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat.]
Squeeze Lime In Glass for taste and adorn rim with a single Lime wedge
Stir and sip away!

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