Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Of course I said "Yes!"

After basically stalking all 3 of us for months (so annoying, get a life amirite?!) one of my greatest friends was finally able to nail down a date that would work for 4 of us girls to all get together. After numerous texts from her asking when I could hang out if she came to Portland from Seattle and my replies being basically "Whenever! I'm here most of the summer!", I felt real bad when I got an official invite to this girls' night. She sent an actual invitation to us all and I quickly added-up the fact that she didn't just want to hang- she needed to propose to us. Shoot. Had I figured this out sooner, I'm sure I would have said "I am here this date and this date and this date" just to make it a little easier on her. I mean, I hosted a brunch for my girlfriends to ask them to be my bridesmaids and it was no easy task. Sorry Tracy for my vagueness!
But neither here nor there, it all worked out and two Saturdays ago I was marching over to my girlfriend's house to hang with the "OG crew" (as the invite stated) aka the four of us who have been kicking it since middle school
^The outfit deets for the night before leaving my pad. For a weird reason, I took like 400 million mirror shots this night. I think it largely had to do with the fact that my favorite camera lens was in the shop a month and I just had got it back. Either way... [hangs head in shame]
^Arrived to this cute lil' table of goodies.
^And this spectacular little spread.
^I begged them to take a few staged pics of us and they only eye-rolled for a second.

And then, it got pretty fun:
^I mean, duh! Yes, yes- a thousand times yes!
^And 3 bridesmaids were born. While 4 "immature fools when together" remained steady.
^We took a second to toast both of these recently-engaged gals.
^And then headed out to the city for a late-night cocktail.
^Now, I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey but apparently it takes place at The Heathman Hotel in Portland which is where we were. So you can order these "50 Shades" cocktails & they come with mini-handcuffs attached ... maybe I should just read the dang thing to know what any of that means.
^And then it was more bathroom photoshoots like I just had a lobotomy before calling it a night and heading off to our different parts of the city to go to bed.

But I'm super-pumped to stand by Tracy as she weds her man. She is kinda quieter and very poised around new people - which I admire a ton- but the best layer of her is the one that I know. It's where she's confident, vibrant, hilarious and gives girl advice like no other. The kinda gal that shows up on your porch and says 'get dressed, we're going out' because you just got dumped. And I know that because she has done it to me multiple times in the many, many years we've been kickin' it. That sounds like I was always getting dumped. Oh well, if the perk to that was opening my door to a smiley Tracy- it was well worth it in the end. The boys became forgettable, the friendship remains infalliable.

Cheers to that.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Peace. Love. 'Murica.

How's that 4th of July weekend hangover treating you? I'm not even referring entirely to alcohol. I'm just talkin' the whole shebang: the late nights, the heat, the celebratory food, the games, the drinks, the roaming town. Man oh man, I don't know if it's just me but I am SPENT. Thankfully we had the good sense to take Monday off too so we saved ourselves the hassle of Sunday traffic and a five-hour exhausting car ride while we still had American Flag tattoos on our backs. Smartie-pants indeed! 

But less talky, more picturey - here's our Ashland 2015 Fourth in pictures:
^Family Photo in all our dorky USA flair.
^All set-up to watch the parade- can you tell who took the pic based on the missing spot next to me?
^Chandler's 2nd 4th. We did learn this year that he hattttttes horses. That was fun during the seemingly endless array of them in the parade.
^Dad & Sons walking down the Main street of downtown
^Brothers. Jay doesn't usually wear a scarf with a t-shirt btw.
^Peace, love & USA
^Brunch after the parade. The boys shared some 'za...
^While I noshed on a Ceaser Salad with a mimosa
^Took this while on a quick stroll. How stunning.
^Trying to relax but ...
^... two dogs & their balls had other ideas.
^Hours of slobbery faces in my lap dropping off balls...
^... and then racing to the yard in anticipation of me throwing it.
^Chandler's 4th hangover touched land midday. This picture cracks me up.
^Waiting for fireworks up on the hill.

Always sad to see it go. I just love this place.

Anyway, have a good day- we'll be spending it playing the license plate game in the car and unpacking. Reality bites.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Off to Ashland for the 4th!

Outside of Portland, Ashland is the most important city to Jay and Me as a couple. With new readers, I feel like I have to say this every post so for those who don't know- here's the deal:

Portland is at the very top of the state, right next to Washington.
Ashland is at the very bottom of the state, right next to California.
That's a five-hour driving distance.
Ashland has a much drier, hotter climate than Portland.
We live in Portland.
I am from Portland.
Jay is from Ashland.
His family still lives in Ashland.
We visit often.
It's also where we got married.
Anyway, after work today we are packing and then up early to embark on that five-hour drive to spend the holiday with his family. Ashland is definitely one of the perks of Jay. It's a tiny town but it's a legit one. The people are educated, diverse, kind & the town hosts an array of fun things to do. We also have the best of both worlds when we're down there. His dad/stepmom live in a wonderful home a five-minute walk from downtown. His mom/stepdad live on the hill with incredible views overlooking the city. No matter where we stay, it's a great location and we have always had a wonderful time there together, always some of our favorite memories.

So, in an effort to get excited for this weekend and show you a glimpse of an Ashland 4th, here's what we did in 2014 there:
^Chandler's first 4th required some family outfits.
^Top: Jay's brother walking Chandler in downtown Ashland before start of parade. Bottom: Jay & some of his high school buddies.
^Roving about town in our red & blue.
^4th activities with the dog, his family and the city as our beloved dates.

After the events of the 4th, we always linger around town for a couple days for some of the following ...
^Hanging on his Mom's vineyard (where we got married)
^Going out on dinner dates downtown. Image on left is one of my faves of Jay as he looks like a talll drink of water. Love him!
^The cute brothers. It's so incredibly sad that the pic of Jay will never make it to an online dating site. I mean, look at that thing- that was just made for swiping right.

^Love this: Top is Jay & his bro chilling at their Dad's. Bottom is Jay & his Bro chilling at their Mom's. Told you both houses are incredibly welcoming.

Signing-off for the rest of the week as we head down to Ashland. I'll be on Instagram (@caitielady08) from here on out and looking forward to posting again next week!

Have a great 4th & rest of your weekend!!