Monday, February 13, 2012

Details, Details, Details

There is no denying that The Boy and I are super tired. We have been spending every waking moment we have since moving in either unpacking, taking empty boxes to the recycling bin, donating to Goodwill, returning loaned moving equipment to relatives or shopping for new furniture to make our little 2 become 1 housing project into a livable delight and not the cousin to "Extreme Hoarding".

It really takes a lot to stake your claim on a white-walled, generic space. I have such an idea in my head of how it should look: artistic, functional and representative of what we care about in life. It's all in the little details... and I've been happy to see some moving along, slowly but surely:

{^The Boy's pictures finally in beautiful frames by my doing, like this one of his childhood friends at their friend's wedding}

{^A window bench with some floral, blingy pizazz }

{^All-time favorite photos right in plain sight }

{^Books that were judged by their covers and displayed according to style. With the exception of"Our Bodies Ourselves". That earned its spot years ago due to its substance.}

{^A dresser draped in vases that are waiting to be filled with unique items & framed art sketches }

{^More trays, more vases, more seating... and these are a few of my favorite things }

We did a little "decorating" math and we will be done a week from tomorrow. It would be sooner but I have to go to San Francisco for work on Wednesday and then it's off to a cabin for a long, long weekend after that. So Tuesday. We will be done. We will be able to come home and instead of mumbling expletives while we loop Modern Family on the DVR (we've seen every episode so many times that it's a good unpacking show as it's okay if we miss a scene), we will bask in a cooked dinner, some hot tea and the news? A movie? Who knows, we might get crazy and watch Teen Mom. The world will be our Oyster!

As for Valentine's Day, the Boy and I have decided we will be getting Take-Out, unpacking a bit, watching our movie: "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and then early to bed for my flight on Wednesday. No roses, no gifts, no nothing. And for me, that is just what I want. Honest. Besides, I think the barrage of people posting a picture of their flowers and "I'm the luckiest girl!" on Facebook all day is reason enough to not even order flowers. We get it, you have a Valentine...

On that slightly pet-peevey note (sorry), happy Valentine's day ♥
Be sure to celebrate all the love in your life- no matter where that loves comes from.

All images are from my own camera.


  1. thank you and good night on all that fb posting valentine's day sh*t. i can't even deal.

    and girl i feel you on the moving front. it's a total biznatch, but once all is said and done you'll heave a huge sigh of relief and nap for a month. word.


  2. You are SO good at interior decor! I have no doubts that when you are done your place will give off just the vibe you want.

    As for V-day, since it's our first one together, he wants to do something special. I said let's just eat at home and watch a movie but I think he's planned something else! even though every day is valentine's day in a love-filled household, it's nice to take time out for your relationship sometimes :)

  3. We always do the low key valentines day at home thing. It started out of necessity but now its tradition and neither of us want to change it. And flowers come from the grocery store lol.

  4. Great sneak peeks, can't wait to really see the Mini PH...Love the colorful books. The Chanel one, how is that? & have safe trip to San Fran.

    xo SARMIN

  5. Ooooh its all coming together so nicely! I can't wait to see what the final product looks like

    Also, I get the modern family on loop thing.. I always have sex and the city or friends on when I need to concentrate.. I've seen them all so many times they've just become a bit of a soothing background noise now lol

  6. Love how everything's turning out! Did you get the mini bar yet????

    Decorating math? LOL Too funny!!

    Happy Valentine's day. Glad that your spending it the way that you want to. :)

  7. :) love the black frame with the boys photo of his friends in it, i have a similiar one that is red but now i want to paint it black as it would suit my room so much more! i totally forgot it was even vday most of today, then went to dinner and movies with my friends, we saw "this means war" and i loved it, so succesful day :) xx

  8. lovely blog- so pretty photos!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  9. A long cabin weekend sounds awesome. It will be just what the doctor ordered!

  10. well that plan for valentines day sounds just right! besides, most times THOSE are the memories you remember most! and omg forgetting sarah marshall is one of my all time favorite movies!! i LOVE that movie!! and i love your decorating! so glad things are slowly but surely coming together for you guys. dont worry! itll all be over soon! :) be safe on your trip to sf!!!

  11. Ha! So you would rather not read a post from me about the roses I got on Friday so that my husband didn't feel forced to celebrate Valentine's Day? :) I think your Valentine's night sounds perfect. I know you're ready for the craziness of unpacking to be over. Everything looks great so far; can't wait to see the rest!

  12. Happy Valentine's day. My favorite dates have always been the low-key ones. :) Glad to see the unpacking is slowly but surely coming together... after 387356 moves in the past 7 years, it still takes me a good two months to get stuff sorted out: you're clearly much more motivated!

  13. Getting settled in I see... yay!
    Happy Valentine's Day Caitlin, wishing you a sweet one!

  14. Happy Valentines Day!

    The Urban Umbrella

  15. I disagree on the Valentine's Day thing (which even as a guy, married I was guilty of this morning). The Valentine's Day *Scrooges* have their say 364 days per year. Let us have our 1 day (smile).

    Anyways, you've also given me some ideas for decorating. Glad to hear you and your love are adjusting to your new home. and by the way...

    Happy Valentine's Day :)


  16. OMG. I love Modern Family! xoxo

  17. Moving literally ranks in one of the top 5 most stressful things in life (well, in our society anyways.) Looks like you guys are doing an awesome job! I couldn't agree more about the facebook rose girls...

  18. ok, pretty much every blog post I am more convinced that you are actually me. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is our movie too!

  19. It is coming together. Looks like you have some fab pieces and great style! Valentine or not... the FB, Instagram pics and proclamation are ridic! And I actually love the holiday. Haha

    Happy Valentine's day, lovey!

  20. Love interior pics, I'm looking forward to see more after some time!!:) I hope u had wonderful V day!!:)


  21. Ah, I LOVE that you own 'The Gospel According to Coco Chanel'. Is that not one of the best books EVER written? J'adore! :)

  22. Looking great so far! I can't wait to see photos when you're done. I'm loving all the dark accents - looks like you guys were able to effectively combine a feminine and masculine living space so far!

    For Valentine's day we got burritos, drank wine in our PJs and watched Portlandia on our laptop. It was perfect :)

  23. un-packing is def not fun. moving isn't fun either. its when the dust settles that the fun begins hehe. love these photos u shared

  24. I am LOVING how your new place is coming along. The little pretty details are just making your home!


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