Monday, November 26, 2012

Birds, Stuffing & Duncan

Here's the problem: whenever there is a puppy, kitty, friendly bird or anything that grows fur and will kind of engage with me - I can't pry myself away from it. I just can't. I love all doe-eyed, funny, spunky-looking, hairy beings who like to kiss me. I feel that it's crucial to point out that I'm talking about my taste in animal companions, not men- though I don't mind hair on either. Rawr

So when our Thanksgiving guests showed up with their loud, goofy, howling, floppy puppy- I pretty much spent the rest of my night laying on the floor, trying to get the dog to pay attention to me.
Meet Duncan. 5-months-old.
Cuter than cute.
And 12-year-old, increasingly grouchy Maddie acts the part of an amazing Hostess to our guests... haha
Wearing the same lipstick as Mr. Duncan.
Duncan wondering when he can walk 5 steps without me (or my Brother) picking him up against his will
Like Father, like Son: the men in the family prep the meats.
If you Diet on Thanksgiving, you are a sad, strange, little man.
But back to Duncan...
Gently telling him he's not allowed on the couch.
What a goofball.
And for Basset Hounds, I am thankful.


  1. ADORABLE! Oh how i miss my little puppy, can't wait to get home to him at xmas. As for that meal - yummo!!!
    And the lipstick on the dog bahahahahaha!

  2. What a cutie!

    Happy Holidays!



  3. He is very cute and poses quite well too.

  4. Aww I'm the se with puppies.. Love them.. I didn't want to leave a BBQ last weekend because the hosts Maltese was snuggled up on my lap asleep and it seemed rude to wake her!
    I've never see. A Basset Hound in real life! How cute does Duncan look! Well jealous you got to spend the holiday playing with him.

  5. So freaking cute!!!! (The meal looks a-mazing, too.)

  6. OMG Maddie!! That is too funny!!! Duncan is so so so cute. Bassets are the best - I have a special place in my heart for them because of The Pioneer Woman's blog :)

  7. ohhhhh my gosh!! duncan is THE cutest!! i dont think i've ever seen a basset hound puppy and now i am in love!! that face is just too much and those big ass ears! lololol what a cutie. and wow you and your brother look so alike! lol such a good looking family!

  8. Duncan, may be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  9. He is adorable!!! I would act the same way with him, rolling on the floor talking to him more than the humans. :) He makes me want another puppy!

  10. That puppy is adorable and dieting on any holiday is craziness!

  11. All sorts of cuteness, the puppy & your brother.


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