Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To all Non-Americans:

Welp, friends. Today is the day... THE day. If you thought the prior weeks, months, years of political discourse were something to write home about- wait until you access your Twitter, Facebook or TV today. 

Because it's here- Presidential Election Day! Ah, Election Day- when we celebrate the time-honored, hard-earned, so-very-cherished democratic privilege of voting by bullying, insulting and demeaning anyone who has an opinion opposite of our own. And also pretending that everyone is so stupid for not buying into our opinion because we have all the answers! I mean, duh! While you may think that the person who dropped out of every economics class they ever took was just another person, think again: they are a political expert as evidenced by their constant retweets of Donald Trump and numerous 'Likes' on Eva Longoria's FB page.
How corny.
But all jokes aside, today is actually the best day to get to know someone- because apparently, everything you need to know about a person can be summed up by who they voted for. So go ahead abroad friends, if you want to get closer to another American blogger (or just see what makes them tick), just ask her who she's voting for and then return here and see my QuickGuide below:

They're voting for Romney: Uneducated. Redneck. Rich. Extremely Religious.
They're voting for Obama: Unemployed. Lazy. Freeloader. Hippie.
Watching Obama speak in Portland- May 18, 2008
That's it- that's the only thing you need to know about someone to sum them up! Don't worry about the context of their viewpoints or the experiences in their lives that shape how they see the world: screw that. Democrats are disgusting! Republicans are worthless! Democrats are amazing! Republicans have all the answers!
Casting my vote- and very excited to be doing so.
 So sit back and enjoy the loveliness that is an American Presidential Election day.

Let the games begin. 

*And to my fellow Americans: I don't care who you vote for (my friends are scattered from extreme Left to extreme Right), I just care that you're a kind person- and I mean that.*


  1. I have job, my mom would totally call me lazy/freeloader, (but whateves) & I wish I was a hippie. I can't vote, however for the first time ever, my parents can, after 20 years living the "American Dream", they are super excited.

  2. HA! Oh the stereotypes! So glad it is almost over even when I think it is a MUST to vote. I feel blessed and sad during election time for obvious reasons. Dem or Repub, we are all human beings and you are right, KINDNESS goes a long way!

  3. Ah as though all the American's on my newsfeed weren't bad enough.. I got all excited and posted up a photo of me in my favourite Barack Obama sweater.. It's hard not to get carried away.. I know I care about this way more than I should and that the outcome should have very little effect on my life.. But my best friend is an American.. I have 16 beautiful little girls ( my campers) that I adore and I worry about the world they will grow up in.. Which is why l be following along, biting my nails and praying for an Obama win..

    But I like what you said, though its tempting generalise voters into one group or another, those I know who are voting Romney are still lovely people, they have good qualities and how dull it would be if we weren't all so different.. Just need to keep reminding myself of their positive qualities every time a new status appears!

  4. Gah! How pretty do you look in all of these pictures Caitlin?! Gorgeous! Happy, Happy Election Day!! :)

  5. LMAO is there a third type I could pick from, geez not many options with those two types of people. Glad I'm canadian haha

  6. hahaha! I couldn't help but think as I stood in line this morning "May the odds be ever in your favor..." :)

    P.S. I only care about kind people, too. My favorite quote as of late "Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does."

  7. I love your outlook, as usual. Happy election day! I have to go stand in line to vote now :)

  8. Haha. So true. One of the first times I hung out with the boyfriend we started talking about politics. We were on opposing sides. We were still in Iraq at that point. I realized I liked him so I stopped the conversation right there. I think everyone should vote, but I don't think we need to be harassing everyone to try to change their minds. Plain and simple, it doesn't work.

  9. i don't care who people vote for either just make sure they get out there and vote!

  10. Oh the US election, i swear it gets more coverage here than our own election! Team Obama over here :)

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  12. I agree, in the end it matters more that we're kind to each other than our political views. I can't help but feel though that our level of kindness and tolerance is to an extent a reflection of our politics.

    As a side note, may I say you're looking as gorgeous as ever Caitlin!

  13. I'm glad it's ovah! I don't discuss politics with family and friends because I feel differently from them, and I don't want to argue/lose friends over it. It just shocks me that people will defriend? Unfriend? me just because I'm more liberal in my views. Isn't that what America is all about? Celebrating diversity? Not for some...
    To end on a positive note: it's almost the weekend!


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