Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ode to the Diners

Location: The Original Dinerant Taken: Sunday, December 16th, 2012 as we waited for a table.
 I went to brunch here last week, and as soon as I walked in- I felt an overwhelming urge to give a shout-out to diners. This one is a bit more 'upscale' but whether it's stainless steel countertops or just an old wooden table adorned with plastic ketchup bottles and stale pies rotating in the glass display: I just love me a diner. I can honestly say that some of the best prior night's recaps with my friends have taken place in yoga pants and sweatshirts with eggs slinging and hashbrowns sizzling. Not to mention the memories of popping-in for a quick bite while leaving for a roadtrip at the break of dawn with my family. 

Always open, always yummy: I just love me a diner.


  1. Love diners, ate at many when I was down below, sadly we don't have many at all up here.

  2. There are like no diners where I live; thus, this makes me nostalgic for the ones I used to visit in NYC! :)

  3. aww fun pictures!! really nice...hey girl i didnt realise ive been comin to your blog for so long but havent fllowed u! strange..

    anyways, following u now on GFC, instagram! hehe...hope u see u follow me back.. on instagram im fashionistaera :D

  4. I LOVE diners! I don't know why but I just feel so good when I'm sitting in one and eating my burger and having my milkshake. Jukeboxes are a must!

  5. LOVE diners too- traditional 50s to new and ecletic..or just my townie joint a few blocks from my apt. Best corned beef hash for breakfast!

  6. I heard that place has a burger with a voo doo doughnut for the bun! How awesome but disgusting at the same time!

  7. So cute!! The Hardrock Hotel in San Diego has a diner in it called Mary Janes..LOL.. my girlfriends and I always find us in there at 3 am after a night out or at 10 am drinking mimosas! Love the modern twist on a diner!

  8. Very pretty!
    I don't think I ever been to a diner...I swear I need to experience life. I feel like living under a rock.

    PS: GG is on Netflix, seasons 1-5.

  9. One of my guilty pleasures just so happens to be diners! This place looks awesome....


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